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August Media Map: Boys Run the Riot by Keito Gaku

Complement your reading of Boys Run the Riot by Keito Gaku with related TV & film, music, podcasts & social media accounts, and lots of additional resources you can check out below. We hope these recs make your time with Gaku’s protagonist, Ryo, even more special!



Add your own tunes that come to mind when reading Boys Run the Riot here!


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TV & Film


Check out some of the original cover art sketches by Keito Gaku!

Podcasts & Video Essays

Listen to the all trans localization team of the English edition of Boys Run the Riot talk about their experience working with Keito Gaku and their interpretations behind the themes present in this inspirational Manga.

Accounts to Follow

  • @cartooncrossroads

  • @kodanshamanga

  • @angelito.collective

  • @legalize_tokyo

  • @dargo_japan

  • @thedollhousemag

  • @marinaomiart

  • @razorcake_zine


Articles to Check Out


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