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July Media Map: Solaris by Stanisław Lem

Enrich your reading of Solaris by Stanisław Lem by exploring related music, books, TV, film, podcasts & social media accounts, with additional resources to check out. We're sure this list will provide you all the best recs that will make this sci-fi journey even more grand. Enjoy!



Add your own tunes that come to mind when reading Solaris here!


*♥ Previous Hardcover Hottie “Book of the Month” Pick!


  • Sarah Rosalena, transposing a form

  • Transposing a Form explores interactions through material research in 3D printing with Martian clay made with MMS-2 Mars Soil Simulant created by engineers at NASA, representing materials that are generated through space colonialization.

TV & Film

Watch our favorite film adaption of Solaris approved by Hardcover Hotties book club below!

Podcasts & Video Essays

Accounts to Follow

  • @retroscifiart

  • @sistahscifi

  • @orbitbooks_us

  • @scifigeneration

  • @heavymetal


Articles to Check Out


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