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October Media Map: Radical Intimacy by Sophie K. Rosa

Updated: Oct 24

Everything is better with friends... Pair your reading of Radical Intimacy by Sophie K. Rosa with one (or more) of our recommendations of related TV & film, music, podcasts, resources, and more resources ready for you to enjoy below.



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  • Maya Seri

  • A Columbus and Boston based photographer and filmmaker capturing the intimacy in friendships, queerness, and creative expression

Shot by Maya Seri (2021)

  • Guerrilla Girls

  • Anonymous group of female artists that helped inaugurate feminist movement in the wider sphere of Western art

  • Protested gender and racial inequalities in the art world/greater art historical canon

Guerrilla Girls (1985)

TV and Film

Podcasts and Video

Accounts to Follow

  • @aortafilmswillneverdie

  • @going_with_grace

  • @alualoveslife

  • @acalltomen

  • @motheringisradical

  • @nextgenmen

  • @lifesubstancee

  • @gendersauce


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