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Virtual Talent Showcase: Queer Artists and Hotties of Color

In the spirit of our June BOTM, Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics, we wanted to provide a virtual stage on which our very own Queer Hotties of Color could showcase their artistic talents. We reached out to our community of talented Hotties, and below, we encourage you to scroll through their contributions. Thank you to all of the Hotties who sent us their work, we greatly appreciate you and your participation! <3

Ocean the God


Ray Santhosham

@ray.m.santhosham & @osuartandresilience

Sophia B


Stephanie Herrera

Nia Abeni



Did we miss anything? Let us know! Feel free to DM us on Instagram @hardcoverhottiesbookclub or email us at ❥

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